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There is a tribalism that cannot be spoken of in the Western world. To mention this tribalism is taboo and verboten, often career-ending. Yet this tribalist entity, a hostile intellectual elite, now controls the institutions that form our “ways of seeing.” These institutions include: the mass television, newspaper and publishing media, Hollywood film-making studios, and much of the academic sphere.

Their hegemony over these institutions, due to their disproportionate financial power, allows these activists to promote every cause and agenda that is contrary to the interests of European humanity. They promote open borders, massive Third World immigration, radical sexual identitarianism, endless wars, bellicosity and sable-rattling in the Middle East, and Christian Zionism. These tribal supremacists propagate diversity, multiculturalism and pluralism for Europeans, but ethnocentrism, separatism and segregation for themselves. Gender fluidity, anti-European feminism and egalitarian doctrine are other intellectual constructs they use to demoralize and stymie us.

The Alt-Right has only recently appeared as a backlash against this political tribalism that threatens the rights and survival of Europeans. But sadly, the Alt-Right has, due to heavy-handed taboos embedded within our political culture, begun to neglect a thorough and constant analysis and identification of the united ethnic alien tribalist nation that wars against us; this hostile Jewish elite now drags the European world to the very end of itself.

News From The West deconstructs the false narrative of the tribalists, serving as a dialectical counter-Semitic fail-safe within the discourse. If you can help us with a donation, your financial gift would be greatly appreciated. Rest assured that any donations will be used to advance our cause.