The Taboo As Proof

This article was originally published on February 1, 2008.
By Patrick Grimm


“Love may cover a multitude of sins, but so too does censorship, subterfuge and government-sanctioned silence on taboo topics.”

Taboos, at least the ones possessed of longevity, exist and subsist for a reason. Two taboos that spring easily to mind are the prohibitions against incest and cannibalism. These two prohibitions, mostly unspoken and never even verbally assented to, remain for obvious reasons, mainly having to do with dysgenic consequences and notions of the rights of man culled from both religion and natural law. While other taboos have fallen away, some rightly, others wrongly, these two have stood the test of time, and they have done so because the perils of violating them have been seen in Third World and backward cultures throughout the ages.

But what of other taboos, those topics which have become verboten in contemporary America? This would include the unassailability and the untouchability of Jews as a group, an innocent subset that is only “hard done unto” and never the harbinger of hardship and injustice themselves. In other words, when perpetual victims rule, those they victimize can never lay claim to victim status themselves. In the Jewish mind, considering that they are “history’s premier victims” this is guaranteed in ways that have been covered in other essays, exposes and op-eds that won’t be cited here, but is part and parcel of the extensive psychological programming that the American Gentile public has been subjected to non-stop for at least forty years, though its history goes back much further than this, at least to the beginning of the twentieth century.

The taboos with staying power are imbued with said power because the fallout of knocking down the warning signs and the stigmas attached would be unthinkable. A society that indulges in incest on a ubiquitous scale (which is highly unlikely in most societies) would, given enough time, be a society containing persons with birth defects and other maladies brought on by blood relations producing offspring together. The Orthodox Jewish community and their own specialized diseases and neuroses attest to this. The proof they say, is in the pudding and this taboo seems self-evidentiary, but does not need strong and regular condemnation because it is rarely breached and rightly condemned in the harshest of moral terms when it is violated. The same would go for cannibalism. Social evolution has created these prohibitions quite naturally.

What of the taboo on discussing Jewish power, Jewish motives and the Jewish religion? Has it come from the evolution of societies? Not entirely. Much of it has been imposed from the top down since War World II when sympathy for Jews was the highest and when it could be easily capitalized upon by media, film and political organizations, as well as psychology and sociology, all roughly rounded up and diverted from true intellectualism to the pursuit of crude propagandistic purposes. These were all molded to serve only one purpose. To convince the Gentile that Jews were only victimized, never victimizers and always angels, never devils and were pure spirits who beamed with holy light, with a selflessness and altruism that not even the most pure-hearted humanitarian could exude.

Try an experiment. Talk about “Jewish business practices” and place a serious expression on your face. Use “Jew” as a verb rather than a noun and you will find that you are condemned as worse than someone who practices incest or cannibalism. And don’t you dare say you think they control our economy or manipulate our currency. You might just lose your job and all your friends too.

Try another experiment. Talk about “Jewish business practices” and place a warm smile on your face. When you say “Jew” say it solemnly, in a tone as if you are talking about a godhead or a triune and then literally glow as you marvel at how Jews are so hard-working, how they helped create modern capitalism and how that they have been a blessing to our country with their business and financial acumen. You will find swooning concurrence from your listeners, who will fall all over themselves to outdo your praise.

The taboo against critical Jew-examination is rigid and unbending, for to be an “anti-Semite” is not just to be a moral criminal. It is to be hardly better than a murderer such as Josef Mengele or a chief propagandist like Julius Streicher. You forget that the National Socialists’ greatest crime was not what they purportedly did to their Jewish population, but that they even dared to see Jews as anything but benevolent, as exemplary and as a boon to the nation that they (Jews) had stabbed in the back. Of course, the Jews themselves know that they are rarely any of these aforementioned beneficial things.

But the Jews want immediate revenge, immediate censorship once they realize that they no longer possess, inhabit, control, contort and compress a nation’s mind, as they are slowly finding out too late in the sleeping giant of America, as whites are jumping up with a horror-stricken realization as the broken inner alarm clock gets fixed.

Nationalism as a defense mechanism has the possibility of truncating Jewish supremacist internationalism, Mammonite greed and ADL/Mossad intrigue and treason if it is ever allowed to blossom. Jews are absolutely correct to say that “nationalism” always portends “anti-Semitism” and anti-Jewish outbursts on the part of the citizenry and they desperately work to stamp it out everywhere they reside. Jews hate all nationalism but their own, just like they hate all solidarity and pride in heritage that is non-Jewish. As Russia revives its national pride, its tolerance for Jewish oligarchy, Jewish criminality and Jewish-run media and banking will wear thin. In this case, the populace knows who the enemy is. The Czar was not slaughtered by ethnic Russians, after all.

All taboos exist for a reason. In this case, the taboo against chattering and stream-of-consciousness round-table talk of Jewish power does prevent a disaster, the disaster that would beset the Jewish people if the Gentile majority knew the truth about them, about their criminality, about their lies, about their hate and the repulsion they feel towards our European heritage. The fact that this taboo is so engrained is proof of the reality of what it protects, what it covers up and how it blurs and hides the truth, the unbelievable truth about Jewish supremacism. But you, dear friend, in choosing to believe that unbelievable truth, will take a monumental stride towards a freer, more peaceful, more equitable world for every people, who will be allowed both self-determination and the liberation of being unshackled by the autocrats who now chain them, steal the very money from their pockets, the very food from out their mouths and the very diamonds and minerals from out of their nations’ blessed lands. White European people must free themselves from Jewish oligarchy so that they may help every race and heritage find deliverance from the Zionist monster.

The taboo is the proof and behind every taboo can be hidden either a utilitarian benefit or a reality so horrible that none wish to wrap their brains around the possibility of the possibility of its accuracy. We have both in this instance. The “greatest good for the greatest number” will only occur when this particular taboo is not upheld, but smashed to smithereens. The horrors and terrors of Big Jewry’s anti-white dysgenics, its theft of our earnings, its purloining of our heritage can only be spotted when we jackhammer our way through the concrete foundation of deception and greed. We must tear the voice boxes from the throats of those who feed poison and bile to our children as they tempt them to suicide their race, their honor and their country.

I will only leave you with these lyrics by songwriter Mark Heard that seem at least partially apropos to the predicament I have described:

Like bees in a bottle we are flying at fate
Beating our wings against the walls of this place
Unaware that the struggle is the blood of the proof
In choosing to believe the unbelievable truth

But they have captured our siblings and rendered them mute
They’ve disputed our lineage and poisoned our roots
We have bought from the brokers who have broken their oaths
And we’re out on the streets with a lump in our throats

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