Israel Shahak: Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia

By Jason Palmer


Anti-Semitism, as the late great Israel Shahak informed us, is a form of xenophobia, a fear of the alien or the outsider. That this xenophobia has oftentimes been a backlash against the self-segregation, chauvinism and sense of Jewish superiority permeating Jewish-Gentile social and economic relations is, needless to say, hardly remarked upon by court historians.

To note too that Jewish tribalism itself and the religious ideas attendant to it are both extreme examples of xenophobia, often of the preemptive variety, is not to invite discussion, but opprobrium upon one’s heretical head. Heat rather than light.

But the truth is simple. Jews are the most ancient and theocratic of all ethnic cleansers and the most violent xenophobes ever featured in religious lore. They are the only people in history to inscribe xenophobia into their very identity.

While masquerading as a monotheistic religion that most of the tribalists have no interest in taking literally, Jews behave instead like a recognizable genetic entity, which they most assuredly are.

Jews do not behave devoutly, piously or religiously, but tribally. Yet this tribalism, taken all alone, IS the embodied devoutness of their “faith”. The tribe IS the religion. As an obvious moral inversion, their pushiness for their own preservation IS their piety. Their survival IS their morality. In fact, at the end of the day, it is their ONLY morality. Few understand this reality.

But the big obvious secret is this: xenophobia, whether of the hard-line Jewish tribal strain or the softer European variety, is always required in order to protect group identity. Exclusion is actually not a wholesale vice. It is not evil. It is a survival mechanism. Nations form of exclusion. They form from isolation and from tribalism. A human family is simply the deliberate isolation and amalgamation of two gene pools. Variegated cultures spring from variegated peoples. Exclusion is often birthed by the handmaiden of xenophobia. And vice versa.

When Jews accuse others of anti-Semitism, they accuse others of xenophobia. By this accusation, they declare themselves to be above xenophobia, completely free of its taint, when in fact they are its prime progenitors amongst THEIR VERY OWN CHILDREN.

Many Jews teach their children to hate and distrust Gentiles axiomatically. They teach their self-consciously Jewish children that Gentiles are genetically predisposed to anti-Semitism and genocidal tendencies, independent of the behaviors and attitudes of Jews themselves. This is not just xenophobia. It is scientific racism. It is theological racial determinism.

Yet Jews declare themselves to be free of xenophobia, which is a laughable declaration of moral and historical faultlessness that history belies. When taken to its logical conclusion, this is a brazen declaration of genetic and moral superiority by Jewish tribalists over all other peoples on the planet.

Israel Shahak stated: “I believe that anti-Semitism and Jewish chauvinism can only be fought simultaneously.” [1] Shahak knew that anti-Semitism would never disappear until Jews decided to root out the radical xenophobia within themselves.

The Jewish hatred of non-Jews and the ancient religious, tribal and ethnic supremacism taught by Jewish tribalists to their own children must end, once and for all. The preemptive xenophobia and celebrated chauvinism of Jewish self-identity is in need of a radical refresh. Otherwise, the Jewish people will only repeat the mistakes of their tragic past.

Jewish tribalists must not misunderstand. Only after cleansing their own hearts and only after a genuine moral transformation occurs within the Jewish community will Jews be able to lecture their host populations on the historical inevitability of anti-Semitism. Without this Jewish moral transformation, which must take place, Jewish organizations should not expect their claims of anti-Semitic persecution to be met with anything other than quiet and seething hatred. One might even call it xenophobia.

[1] Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years: Pluto Press, London, 1994.

4 thoughts on “Israel Shahak: Anti-Semitism and Xenophobia

  1. A wonderful appeal to emotion, but totally over the top. Doing more to derail the discussion than to move it forward.
    99% of people (excluding the Palestinians of course) do not ‘fear’ jews, they merely dislike or detest them.
    Jews do not ‘hate’ non-jews, they merely see them as fools to be cheated or sheep to be fleeced.
    Once you understand the ‘problem’ you can move to correct it.
    The issue with Jewish people is that they use their membership of the tribe to their advantage and the disadvantage of every non-member.
    Usury is prohibited to other jews but not to non-jews. Debts are repaid to jews but not to non-jews. Discounts are given to jews but not to non-jews. Promises are kept to jews but not to non-jews. Stealing, cheating, dishonesty is prohibited when against jews but not when the victim is a non-jew.
    So the solution is exclusion. Physical exclusion has been used in over 190 cases, whole countries have been ‘off-limits’ to their practises. Where this is not possible or ‘unlawful’ then BDS is the answer. This is why Israel is so fearful of BDS, it will bring them down.
    But BDS is not the complete solution. It is not enough. Israel and the jews equate being Jewish and Israel as the same. One is conflated with the other. Logically BDS is not about ‘illegal settlements’ or even about the stolen land of Israel, it is about the way that Jews see the world as theirs to plunder. Even if Israel is no more, even if the Palestinians return in triumph, the ‘Jewish’ tribe will continue in their deceit and unethical ways.
    So the answer is total social exclusion of jews and jewish businesses until they change their ways. This could of course take several millennia, but the choice is theirs. We know that they will lie, they will ‘go underground’, that Rabinowitz, Aaronowitz and Kazinsky will become Robinson, Anderson and McKenzie and copy a Scottish accent, but ‘by their deeds ye shall know them’.
    I have been a member of clubs where Jews are excluded, and very nice the clubs are too. I have lived in towns where there are no Synagogues and no visible jews, and very nice and ethical the communities are too.
    I grew up in a community where 95% of the community were jewish. I understand that no matter what I do or how I behave, I cannot join their ‘club’ or get the benefits of being ‘Jewish’.
    So why on earth would I extend the benefits of my friendship or commerce to them?


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