A Brief Description of Jewish Tribalist Political Behavior


Jewish political organizations want to assist in deciding what is best for other ethnic, racial and religious groups. Yet they largely function amongst themselves as an insular in-group broaching no serious criticism or intellectual influence from any out-group. They share no true symbiotic relationship with others, no mutual give and take. This is the way it has always been.

Jewish tribal activists take it upon themselves to culturally critique anyone who does not meet their ideological standards of speech or behavior, meaning any ethnic, racial or religious group that agitates for its own interests too vociferously and does not sufficiently negate and prostrate itself when its interests conflict with those of ethnocentric Jews.

Jewish political activists have a jealous and myopic view of the world and their place in it. They constantly work to undermine and strip away the nationalist, ethnic, racial and religious feelings of other peoples while simultaneously laboring to encourage and deepen those feelings in their own people. This has been observed in every civilization within which the Jews have resided. They do this reflexively and without irony or introspection. They act out of their own fear and incomprehension of non-Jewish traditions, but also because of their open contempt for them.

Any criticism of the blatant moral hypocrisy of Jewish ethnocentric political behavior is described as “anti-Semitism”. Anti-Semitism is classified as an irrational hatred, a mental disorder, a moral atrocity, an ever-looming threat and a social evil that must be rooted out at all costs. Jewish chauvinism, exclusivity, nepotism and assertions of moral and intellectual superiority are never described in this fashion. They are certainly never deemed to be sinister or dangerous, as Jewish tribalists always describe tribalist or separatist traits in other peoples.

Jewish bigotries are always whitewashed. Jewish hatred is dismissed as antiquated and a relic of the past. Yet its existence is verified daily through simply observing the political activities of well-heeled Jews; this hatred is verified by the state-sponsored terror conducted by Israel against a Palestinian people whose subjugation goes unlamented by the world.

Jewish political ideologues also form the vanguard in the critique and delegitimization of non-Judaic religions. The harsh exclusion at the heart of the Jewish tribal religion is simply celebrated as the historical solidarity, clannishness and pride of an ancient and exceptional remnant. He who defines the terms.

Jews are always described as an innocent people, exemplars only of historical inclusion, progress and universalism. Despite the fact that Judaism was the first religion to enshrine ethnic cleansing, genocide and segregation as God-ordained, Judaism has thus far avoided much of the condemnation accorded the other monotheistic religions.

The New Atheism movement is largely a Jewish gate-keeping movement designed to misdirect its followers. It is an intellectual side show, gaudy and pushy and insultingly puerile in its chutzpah. Yet it remains remarkably free of any real criticism of Judaism, Jewish ethnic intolerance and the avowedly supremacist Jewish state. This is by design. But not surprisingly, New Atheist authors abound with tomes and missives condemning Christianity and Islam.

The jealousy and childish behavior of Jewish ethnic activists knows no bounds when it comes to self-worship or Jewish exceptionalism. If deemed necessary to solely spotlight, fetishize and monetize their own suffering to the exclusion of all other suffering, Jewish tribalists legislatively prevent any public recognition of the atrocities non-Jewish peoples have endured historically. There is no room for Armenians, Germans, Palestinians, Poles, Russians or Ukrainians in the modern museum of exclusively Jewish victimology and martyrdom, copyright applied for.

Jews have utilized a narrative of persecution and have played upon international guilt in order to silence all of their critics and to benefit their tribe financially. Even public statements by non-Jews noting this readily observable political reality are immediately impugned as “anti-Semitism” and then used to extract yet more guilt and even more mammon from more countries.

Jewish political organizations function as a one-sided, double-minded mirror with no reflection. Their morality is dualistic and hypocritical.

Yet these ethnic activists have no moral compunctions about lecturing every other people and nation on the “correct” attitudes and disposition they should maintain towards the Chosen people and nation. There are documentaries, movies, books and curricula to cement these attitudes into the malleable public and to ensure that any criticism taking place between Jewish activists and the non-Jewish majority will forever flow in one decidedly non-kosher direction.

Polls are then conducted by Jewish organizations to measure how popular or unpopular Jews are amongst the majority; in other words, these activists have to see if the propaganda is going to take. If the propaganda is not effective, these same organizations never conclude that their moral behavior needs to change. Fresh tactics. Next time, they must simply come up with a more effective way of propagandizing and manipulating public perception in order to persuade them to believe one simple lie: mainly, that the Jews are not what the public knows and sees them to be!

The world works differently from the way it should. Jews will dictate the terms and conditions of compliance with the whims of their fragile, yet arrogant sensibilities, the question never being one of whether compliance will take place, but only of degree. Our submission to their superior will is, in their minds, a foregone conclusion.

And so it goes. The propaganda flows. The majority will endlessly comply and play along with the false Jewish narrative, thus rewarding and perpetuating Jewish hyper-ethnocentrism and pathological social criticism directed against our culture. This Jewish intellectual culture of critique will continue to demonize the nationalist, racial, ethnic and religious sentiments of all Others.

In the meantime, Jewish tribalists remain tone-deaf to any criticism of their own insular culture and its many historical faults. They remain more resolved in silencing their critics than ever before. This suppression will eventually lead to another widespread backlash against the Jewish people. This backlash will only intensify and radicalize Jewish ethnocentrism and exclusivity. It will increase Jewish hatred toward non-Jews and their nations.

Thus the vicious eternal cycle will repeat; the cyclical nature of Jewish tribalism will continue on its tragically linear historical procession, its constant collision course with civilization. The Jews are not only eyeless in Gaza, but heartless in the West. Their tribalism obstructs their vision and their full participation in humanity. Alas, this really is the way it has always been.

One thought on “A Brief Description of Jewish Tribalist Political Behavior

  1. All true: One of the massive problems that makes this even worse is that brown ppl see us as the same as them… so while the bioweapons of the ((((tribe)))) are rampaging through whatever is the “destruction du jour,” lower class YTs feel their wrath, while the tribalists are safe in their gated communities… they dispatch their mongrel hordes and then point at us—“Look! He did it!” These “things” ( they are NOT human) are pure evil


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