Christ and Caesar


To possess both the tenderness of Christ and the ferocity of a Caesar; that is what will be required to save the European people.

Our tenderness towards our own folk must be such that we will forsake the pursuits of everyday lackaday consumerist existence in order to preserve European kith and kin. Our tenderness must exceed (or at least equal) those that the Scribes and the Pharisees feel towards their own Self-Chosen people. Our tenderness for our people must be more selfless, more expansive and more sustaining than the fickle and shifting opinions of others; perhaps these others have given themselves over to the decadent ideologies of impossible and unsustainable equality, egalitarianism, radical individualism, sexual identitarianism, white self-hatred and the sanctifying of the Self-Chosen.

Our tenderness must cause us to love our lacerated and beleaguered folk, as they are subsumed around the globe: In England. In Germany. In France. In Sweden. In Norway. In Denmark. In Italy. In Hungary. Even in tiny quaint Estonia. Our European brethren are subsumed by the subterranean denizens of the Third World, those who gang rape our European women and our children, physically attack, and occasionally sodomize and murder our European men in the most horrific and barbarian ways possible. This occurs throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and in the United States and Canada. Yet most of the Western media is either silent or complicit in the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the European peoples within their own nations.

Our tenderness, our love, our wish to bring safety and health and amity and peace to our European brothers and sisters must be wed to ferocity.

Our ferocity must not be simple and unreasoning anger and hatred, though these emotions could certainly be justified considering the lateness of the hour and the existential discomfit within which we find ourselves. Our love will extend to any who will assist us in our journey as we traverse the path upward.

Our ferocity must be reserved principally for the Jewish tribalist power that even at this very moment leads our diverse and beautiful and intelligent people to the blinkered nadir of sickness and degeneration and depravity and self-loathing. The Self-Chosen have tutored us in the ignoble art of hating ourselves and our past. We wring our hands, judging ourselves by selective and dishonest Jewish standards. We believe we are forever guilty, while we simultaneously worship these anti-European criminals and usurpers as the very agents of God himself.

Our ferocity, that of a Roman leader, should burn against the Jewish merchants who have peddled and sold us both our negative self-image and our own instinct for extinction. There is only one brand of privilege meted out by our media. It is Jewish privilege backed up by Jewish ethnic networking and Jewish money. There is no such thing as white privilege. There is Jewish privilege. There is Jewish exceptionalism. There is Jewish tribalism. There is Jewish power. There is Jewish self-worship. There is Jewish extremism. There is Jewish supremacism.

My tenderness and my ferocity both throb and burn within my chest. As I survey the moral, intellectual and existential devastation of my people, my love for them grows. Yet when I survey the arrogant Enemy, the peddler of decline and decomposition, my ferocity becomes a consuming fire. The requirement of survival is vigilance, both temporally and eternally. To intellectually deconstruct the Jewish enemy that poisons the health, the will, the body, the mind, the family life, the sexual life, the intellectual life of the European people, that is my mission, my purpose and my good pleasure.

Christ and Caesar. I shall embody both.

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